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Relish the taste of chilled 100% Natural Sugar Free Chikoo MilkShake

in Dahanu Bordi

Nestled in Chikoo Country of Bordi (120 kms from Borivali) in Dahanu Taluka and 5 minutes from the scenic Bordi Beach, we are “Aura Green”. Located on a beautiful Chikoo Farm & Garden, our Fruit processing center, natural product store & a modern cafe make it a perfect combination for a relaxing stopover during your visit to Dahanu Bordi

Pure & Natural

Our effort is to bring to you pure, natural & nutritious products made from Chikoo, Mango, Starfruit, Banana, Moringa, Amla, Jackfruit, Lemon, Curry Leaves and many other locally available fruits, vegetables & herbs. These products are processed on the farm, using high quality raw material graded by experts. These dried fruits can be easily used as high quality ingredients by industry for multiple applications.

Our products are convenient to use ingredients for industry applications like milkshakes, smoothies, ice creams, kulfi, mithai, energy bars, muesli mixes etc. They retain the natural taste and texture of the original fruit and come with a certified shelf life of 9 months and above. Being 80-90% lighter than fresh fruit and with no need of cold storage we can supply across the globe at a considerably low cost.

Industry Ready
Nutrition & Wellness

We ensure every product offers the highest levels of nutrition and health benefits. Chikoo being the flagship GI tagged natural energy fruit from Dahanu Gholvad Bordi region gives you loads of essential vitamins and minerals. Our commitment to your wellness comes from the fact that none of our products contain harmful chemicals, preservatives, colors or additives. 

It is for our children and future generations that we consciously avoid use of carbon positive energy sources in our processing methods. 80% of our products are manufactured using solar energy ensuring minimum impact on the environment. Waste generated during food processing is converted into compost/ manure and given back to mother earth.

Green Energy
Women Empowerment

Our endeavor is to upskill farmers & women with simple, modern and hygienic food processing techniques which will empower them with sustainable employment opportunities and earnings to support their families. All our products are made by tribal women under guidance of expert food technicians. We ensure to maintain a traditional touch to our products, making them as close to “Maa ke haath ka khana”.  

One third of all food produced in India is wasted due to lack of post harvest processes. Farmers in our cluster use raw material that ripens on farm or fetches low prices during peak season for processing. This ensures direct benefit to farmers who are part of our cluster & gives them an additional source of income from produce which would have otherwise gone to waste.  

Farmer Income