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Sugar Free Chikoo Smoothie in 10 mins !!

Sugar Free Chikoo Smoothie in 10 mins!

Every restaurant and cafe owner has some delicious milkshakes and smoothies on their menu. Customers have high preferences for fruit smoothies made from real fruits. Keeping up with the recent trends in health & fitness, sugar free fruit smoothies are high in demand.  Chikoo is one such fruit which has a high demand in the milk shakes & smoothie segment, 

Making Chikoo smoothie on the cafe counter is however a cumbersome process. Selecting the perfectly ripe chikoo, peeling & deseeding it and adding sugar to balance the taste. Chikoo is a perishable fruit and many times it over ripens and is wasted. The price fluctuation and availability of quality fresh fruit is another aspect restaurant owners have to manage.

Do you wish to overcome these problems and give your customers a quality chikoo smoothie any time of the year? Aura Green introduces 100% natural sun dried chikoo slices which is a ready to process food ingredient. Now any restaurant owner across the world can offer their customers multiple products made from Chikoo like smoothies, ice cream, kulfi etc without worrying about quality, taste, supply source assurance, price fluctuations and year round availability.

Sugar Free Chikoo Smoothie Recipe – 

Soak 35 gms Aura Green sun dried chikoo slices in 160 ml milk for 8-9 mins 

Add 100 ml ice and blend in a mixer for 1 min

Your sugar free, healthy & nutritious Chikoo Smoothie is ready to serve

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