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You love fruit candies but hate sugar?

You love fruit candies but hate sugar? - Sugar free Chikoo candy is your best option.  

It all began with Amla candy in India. Being a nutritious fruit and high in demand people found out ways to preserve it by adding sugar and drying its slices. Today it’s the highest consumed fruit candy in our country. In recent times we have seen similar candies made from Oranges, Papaya, Kiwi, Mango, Muskmelon, Cranberries, Blueberries and many other fruits. The point of concern is although we consume it for its nutritional value and taste, these candies come loaded with sugar which acts as a preservative. So is there fruit candy which is sugar free, nutritious and 100% natural?

Come experience Aura Green 100% natural sun dried chikoo slices which give consistent taste and nutrition in its naturally dried form. The best part – it has no added sugar, preservatives, color or anything else. Simply put it is just pure Chikoo fruit slices in a candied form. 

Ruwan Foodtech LLP (owners of the brand Aura Green) based in Bordi, Dahanu are India’s largest producer of sun dried chikoo slices. They have over 200 acres of Chikoo farms which ensures the best quality fruit is used for processing. Further they have deployed India’s best solar dryers made by globally acclaimed S4S Technologies. The combination of quality raw material and modern farm based processing techniques ensures consistent output. Over the last 10 years they have processed more than 300 tons of Chikoo fruit which in its dry form is an easy to store, transport & consume fruit candy enjoyed by all age groups.  


So the next time you feel like having fruit candy, do give a try to Aura Green Sun Dried Chikoo available on Amazon. 

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Nurishment & Energy for your children 

Nurishment & Energy for your children - 3 Easy Ways with dried Chikoo

1) Dried Chikoo with Milk & Cereals 

Cereals, Muesli, Corn Flakes have become a preferred breakfast of the urban population. It is easy to prepare and promises to give you necessary nutrition. Everyone from adults to children love this breakfast with warm or cold milk. Adding 18-20 slices of Aura Green 100% Natural Sun Dried Chikoo (Sapota) slices is an easy way to add loads of Iron, Calcium and Energy to your favorite breakfast. Chikoo is a wonderful combination with milk and this enhances the taste and texture of your cereal bowl. And the best part is you need not add any form of sugar to sweeten your breakfast, its naturally sweet. 

2) Just as it in your child’s tiffin box

Children need a lot of energy all day during their school and classes, while playing or enjoying with friends. It’s a challenge for mothers to pack their child’s tiffin box with food items which are healthy, filling, nutritious and also light in weight. Carrying fresh fruits is always cumbersome considering the way children handle their backpacks. Aura Green 100% Natural Sun Dried Chikoo (Sapota) slices are full of natural energy and nutrition and a lightweight option which can be added to your child’s tiffin box. Also its near to candy in taste and texture gives children the satisfaction of having a unique experience.     

3) Sugar free Chikoo Smoothie

A filling glass of nutritious fruit smoothie is a delicacy everyone relishes any time of the day. And what’s better than a 100% Natural and sugar free Chikoo smoothie made from Aura Green sun dried Chikoo slices. Relish the natural taste of chikoo fruit with the goodness of milk. Add 35 grams of Aura Green sun dried chikoo slices to 150 ml milk. Soak for 10-12 minutes and blend in a mixer for 2 minutes to get a healthy and nutritious thick Chikoo smoothie. Your kids will be coming back for more.